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I loved this definition of a runner, so true – You Just Run . . .


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I was on Day 76 of my RunStreak and plans were to continue until Valentine’s Day.  But, really, to be honest, I was thinking of a nice round number like 100 days to end on.  I’m pretty sure if I got to 100 I would have found a new extension for my RunStreak, I enjoyed it that much.

When I received the text that my daughter, Jenna’s, water had broken, I, of course, had Jenna and baby first on my mind, but I did pack my running clothes.  You know, there might have been a moment to run that one quick mile to continue the streak.  What I realized was there was a moment most likely that Wednesday, as she was laboring, but I knew where my heart was and it wasn’t with running at the moment.  Little sweet Allison Rose Schott’s birth was the perfect ending to my RunStreak.  Such a way to celebrate!!


Matt (Daddy) holding Allie Rose


Jenna (mommy) at home with Allie Rose


Nana (me) holding my sweetie Allie Rose

There are no adequate words to describe my feelings.  I am so over-the-top in love with this sweet girl. 

I am so thankful for the gift of watching Matt and Jenna as they enter into this new world of parenthood.  I love to watch them love each other and care and love  this new little miracle-gift they have.  My heart is beyond full!!

I am entering a new season of my life in a few different ways.  I was bicycling with my husband, Mike, when I came to that realization.  As I rode with smiles and tears, I came to the conclusion that a new season is to be celebrated.  I am going to celebrate this year!!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking about signing up for a marathon this year Well . . . that is how I am celebrating this year of changing seasons . . . I am signing up for the CIM, which is in December.  I will also be running two half-marathons – The Parkway Half Marathon on May 4th and the Four Bridges Half Marathon which is in October.  I will keep you posted. 

As I celebrate new seasons, being a grandmother to a precious sweet little Allie and life . . . I remember the One, who gave His all for me. The One who has loved me through so many seasons of my life and has been ever-faithful and always with me.  I give thanks to the Lord for All He has done and has been in my life and look forward to this next season as I walk with Him.

With a thankful heart,

Patty 🙂

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