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A couple of weeks ago, as I was running, I was in prayer for so much that day – the overwhelming sadness and loss in Connecticut, for friends battling cancer, for families in need of restoration.  I ran with a heavy heart. On my way back down the trail I looked up to this amazing view, in the middle of a cold, dismal, cloudy day.

This was a picture of HOPE. Can you see it?

Can you see that although the clouds were covering and causing a good portion of my area to be dark and gloomy there was a spot of HOPE glimmering through.  As I peered through that small opening, I saw brilliant blue sky with a warm shining sun.

I was reminded that the sun is ALWAYS shining – even in the midst of clouds. It brought the biggest smile to my face and great peace, knowing that God is always there.

Such Hope . . .

Hope in the Son (Jesus) who is always shining in the midst of our trials, our circumstances.  When we are completely overwhelmed with our circumstances He is still there.  He says He will never leave us or forsake us. We may not be able to see beyond our heaviness, our darkness, but let’s hold onto the truth that the Son is always there for us and is always shining in and through the darkness of our lives.

This is why I love running so much.  I love God’s creation and the truth that it tells.

I love how He has put together these bodies of ours, the miracle of it all, so that we can run.  We can experience His creation, His life, His strength, His peace, His rest, His freedom.

I feel so free when I run . . .

Patty 🙂


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I have not been writing as much as I would like.  Lack of time.  Lack of discipline.  Not sure.  Definitely, not lack of thoughts and inspiration.  When I get out and run thoughts just flow through my mind, through my heart, little whispers from God.

Favorite Trail

Favorite Trail

Love this bridge.

Love this bridge.

Enjoy the view.

Enjoy the view.

I love to get out and run, well . . . not always easy to get motivated, but once I get out there and just start moving my feet, one foot in front of the other, and once I get past the first mile or two, my burdens just start dropping off and I start to feel refreshed and free.  I’m sure it is the combination of fresh air, working my body, getting my blood moving, and being in the presence of God in His awe-inspiring creation that does this.

As I run, I look at the road, I look at people and smile, I look at the trees.  Running the same trail through the four different seasons I notice the trees with budding leaves in spring, to full on nice big green leaves that provide much wanted shade in the summer, to beautiful colorful leaves in fall, to leafless trees in the winter.

As I was running in the rain, watching these colorful leaves fall from the trees, God whispered to my heart. 


It was a windy day.  The trees were swaying.  The leaves were falling.  The clouds were absolutely beautiful. 

He reminded me how He cares for the trees.  Even though it is cold and harsh weather in the fall/winter, there is always growth going on.  In the spring, budding new leaves begin to appear.  The summer brings nice green leaves.   In the fall, old leaves begin to fall and again leave the tree barren, leading into winter season again.  Just as the trees live through many seasons we, too, are surrounded with many seasons in our lives.

Trees stand rooted.  Seasons move around them.  They stand tall and strong, swaying back and forth in the wind, rain, sleet, and snow; but they stand.  Their roots go down deep into the soil, which gives them nourishment and strength.  Trees don’t get anxious about the seasons.  They don’t worry and stress about what they will do, how will they survive.  They just stand firmly rooted and trusting.

God has seasons for each one of us.

We need to stand, rooted in the solid rock – Jesus, as seasons move around us.

We may sway to and fro, drop some leaves, break a branch or two, but like a tree, continue to stand firm.

As the tree always has life running through it, so we stand always with life running through us – His life, His strength, His purposes, His love, His peace, His wisdom . . .

Lord, help us to be like the tree standing firm and tall, trusting you in all seasons . . .

Praying we all stand firm and tall, as we are rooted in a great God and savior, Jesus, in the midst of this life of many seasons.

Patty 🙂


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