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When one is MAF training, which equals SLOW especially in heat, it is a gift to run at a lower elevation and in a nice overcast 56 degree temp!! A gift!!!

But . . . the biggest gift of going to San Francisco was to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary!!

We each had a day that we planned what we wanted to do.  Obviously, if you know me, running was a must to be included in my day of choice.  🙂


It began with a lovely windy walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Having come from 101 degree temps it was delightful!!!


Once across we headed to Crissy Field and I ran and ran!!


I ran from the Warming Huts to the Marina and back several times


It was a gift to run in such cool temps, which kept my heart rate lower, which allowed me to run a quicker pace – a pace I missed running!!!

The views were refreshingly beautiful, as I ran my heart out!! There was a bit of a headwind running back in the direction of the bridge, which caused my pace to slow, as my heart rate increased.  I was too happy to care.  I was running in San Francisco, a location I had dreamed of running for quite some time.  I ran four heavenly miles enjoying the people, the scenery, my heart rate, my pace, the fact that God has gifted us with these amazingly made bodies that can run, thankful for the 38 years with Mike and looking forward to many more. 

The next day was Mike’s day.  He picked Point Reyes and a lovely hike out to the ocean.  Perfect choice!!! Again, very nice weather,  overcast, but not foggy!!!


Ooops!! Yes, this was his day, but it was so beautiful and I just ran for a moment . . . in such lush surroundings, just for a moment . . . 🙂

It was a wonderful relaxing, yet exercising-in-some-way-each-day getaway for Mike and I.  So thankful . . .

Good news to report on my running scene . . .

I ran 4 days this week, done correctly. Are you reading this, Jenna, done correctly!! 🙂 

I ran on Monday, shorter run on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, run on Thursday, rest on Friday, and long run around Lake Natoma today – all without ‘issue’ (Runner’s Ischemia)!!! That’s worthy of a celebration!!!  It looks like four days of training per week will make running the CIM not only doable, but enjoyable and will result in me having a blast running my first marathon.  Can you see that I’m giving myself a pep talk, as I write here.  🙂

My next race is coming up on August 3rd. 

It is a 25K trail race around Angel Island (run around it twice).  I am looking forward to running down at a lower elevation again in cooler temps with great company.  It’s an adventure!!!


See Angel Island in the distance . . . do you notice any hills?!!!


Just one more pic of one of my favorite places.

Again, I end this with a thankful heart to a great God, who has always been with me every step of my life whether I acknowledged Him or not.  He has been faithful, oh so faithful!

Patty 🙂


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This week has been a great week of running . . . although, in very hot temps.

I ran 8 miles on Monday morning with a young friend, who runs track in school.  She is used to shorter – faster runs.  This was a stretch for her running a longer – slower run.  I am still MAF training – using my heart rate, keeping it aerobic, which means slow and even slower in hot weather running.  She did great and was fun company. 

This week, I was going to try 2 runs on consecutive days, a first for me in over a month.  I ran 4 slow miles on Tuesday and felt great with no issue with Runner’s Ischemia.  Yay!!! It was a beyond happiness moment for me.

Don’t judge me on what I am about to tell you, I already received a scolding from Jenna, my daughter!!!

I was supposed to wait and not run until Thursday, but I had an opportunity and the only opportunity to run with my running friend, Cara, on Wednesday.  Due to our schedules, we haven’t been able to run together for a couple of weeks and I really missed running with her and wanted to hear all about her husband’s Western States run.  (BTW – He did amazing!!!) 

Totally logical, right?!!?!!

Well . . . at the moment it was totally worth it.  We ran 6.6 very warm miles with my heart rate monitor not working correctly.  It was reading way too low for the temp and the hills we were running.  I had to go by feel.  I felt great the whole run and thoroughly enjoyed my time with Cara. 

It wasn’t until I got back to the office that I had an issue with Runner’s Ischemia.  😦

I spiraled downward from my euphoria of the previous day.  It had been over a month since this had happened.  I had to work through the emotions of ‘why can’t my body handle running like other’s can?’

I inwardly knew I was pushing it, but went ahead anyway. 

Part of me really felt by lowering my heart rate that would solve my ‘issue’. 

 I could blame it on the heat, or maybe I was running faster since my heart rate monitor was reading incorrectly . . . but bottom-line it was my own doing . . . my plan had been two consecutive days, not three.

I’ve kicked myself around enough . . . it’s time to get up and get over it . . . I made a mistake, but running goes on . . . it is not the end of my running world, it is a lesson learned . . . (hopefully!!)

If I want to be a runner, a happy runner, with enjoyable runs I need to continue steadily moving forward . . . wisely!!!

Just like my walk with God . . . it’s a steady moving forward with many ups and downs, but moving forward . . . always learning . . . failing at times . . . not liking circumstances at times . . . but always moving forward in God’s strength, His love, His grace, His guidance.  I am very thankful that He never gives up on me and enables me to get up and over the next hill in my walk of life.

Sooooo . . . today, Saturday, I just finished a beautiful, cooler temp run (since I went at 6:30am) around my favorite lake trail.


Me and Debora on Em’s Bench


Beautiful View from Em’s Bench



One of my favorite sections of this trail.

Today, I ran in cooler temps, with a dear friend, with no ‘issue’.  I  will NOT run tomorrow.  Next week I am only running on Monday and Tuesday. 

Running is an adventure, much like my walk with God.  I’m thankful He is in the midst of it all!!! He gives me the strength I need to do all things and hang in there.

Very thankful!!

Patty 🙂


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I have been running using my heart rate as my guide for about a month now.  One word . . . SLOW!!!!!

After my diagnosis of Runner’s Ischemia I started running two days a week on non-consecutive days –  two weeks being free of any ‘issue.’  I then upped the running to three days a week on non-consecutive days with no problems.  My mileage was usually 8 – 10 miles a  run.  I figured if I couldn’t run everyday I was going to get the most out of each run. 😉

I ride my bicycle and lift weights on non-running days.  I’m loving the cross training!! It brings about a great balance to running, a much-needed balance.  I’m glad to get that balance back.

Along with running on non-consecutive days I started  MAF training – essentially figuring out my aerobic heart rate using Phil Maffetone’s formula of 18o minus your age, plus or minus 5-10 depending on your health and fitness level, the goal being that as one trains with their aerobic heart rate their body will learn to use fat as fuel and their pace will increase as their body becomes more efficient.  I started this training after reading this article on Miss Zippy’s Blog.  I read it after my diagnosis and I was ready to try anything to keep running – even running slower!!!

I took 180 minus 59 (I’m not there yet!!! But . . . almost!!) and added 5 extra for my fitness level.  This gave me an approximate aerobic heart rate of 126 bpm.  I was used to running between 134-145ish and sometimes higher. My first run using 126 was agonizingly slow . . . . I had to walk at times to keep my heart rate at 126 or lower . . . so SLOW.  My first run was 2 minutes per mile slower.  Mentally, I had to let that go.  I had to let my ‘natural to me’ running pace go – the pace I was comfortable with.  I learned that on warmer days my heart rate was higher just from the temperature and I had to go even SLOWER . . . On cooler days it has been amazing how much faster I can run at the same heart rate.

SUMMER = SLOW (for the moment, right?!?!)

It has been a month since I have been running according to my heart rate.  I have grown to appreciate it.  I can actually go farther on my runs and still feel great without as much fuel and without feeling exhausted after my run.  On June 6th, I ran 10 miles and my average pace was 11:48 min/mile, where before MAF training my average on the same run was 10 min/mile.  I was going to check how my training was going yesterday by running the same run, but it was so much warmer in the morning and my average pace was 12:17 min/mile with more walking involved just to keep my heart rate down.  I will have to wait until it is cooler or I go earlier in the morning to get a true test.

Once I got over myself and running slower, I have really come to appreciate it.  I have had NO issues with Runner’s Ischemia and I credit  running by heart rate and not running on consecutive days for that. I have also been hydrating better the days before a run and after. I am so thankful!!

I am also thankful that I run with friends who are willing to continue to run with me in my slowness and sometimes even walking.

Since this has been working so well, next week I plan on adding one more run on a consecutive day . . . yikes!!! It will be a shorter run between 3-4 miles, but at my aerobic heart rate.  I plan on running long on Monday, shorter on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, long on Thursday, rest on Friday, and long on Saturday.  If this works without ‘issue’ I will do the happy dance.  I will feel like the training for my first marathon in December will be possible and be fun!!!

With the warmer weather this is becoming my go to trail, being it is a bit higher in elevation and has great tree coverage providing much needed shade.



Sly Park Lake – 3 miles from my house – blessed!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and moving in any form that you choose.  Make sure to get out there and do something!!! In the heat, that means earlier or later, but worth it!!! 🙂

Thankful to a great God for His faithfulness in all areas of my life!!

Patty 🙂

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