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I wanted to share this post from another blog. Very inspiring in our physical walk/run and our spiritual walk/run here on earth. Be encouraged … 🙂

Faithful Trainer

READY: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

SET: Something I recently learned is from watching the 2012 olympics marathon runners. I have been following one of the most incredible athletes, Ryan Hall, train and compete over the last few years and it’s been amazing to see the gifts God has blessed him to be able to run with such speeds.

What I have really enjoyed watching this summer is the olympic runners at the back of the pack-the ones who have to struggle and fight to overcome so many obstacles just to be there to run. They fight just to finish as their teammates cheer them on. They are the ones who put me in awe and my heart burst with pride.

Running is not an easy sport, but life is not easy either. There are times…

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I didn’t mean to run . . . really . . . It was an accident of kinds . . .

I had really only planned a 3 mile walk just to see how my foot responded.


Ace Bandage did the trick.

It was amazing . . . it felt so much better than I had anticipated!! So happy!!

I just kept running up the trail 1.5 miles and back down in faster time than I have run since I broke my other foot.  (Wow, I sound pretty klutzy here . . . )

I ran another 4 miles today in my neighborhood with my trusted companion –

Marley – right by my side, quiet, never interrupts, great companion!!

If I’m perfectly honest, my foot isn’t back to 100 percent, but after the first mile or two it felt “mostly” fine.  🙂

I can go into my long run on Saturday much more confident that I will be able to make the run and complete it.

So grateful to God, who knows my heart, knows my desires, and He loves me in the midst.

Patty 🙂


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Hmmm . . . How to start this . . . it’s hard to formulate in words what my heart knows well, but my mind/my feelings haven’t got a good grip on, yet.

I look at my wrist and am reminded to persevere . . .

Let’s backtrack a moment to Friday afternoon – great weather, great company, great bike ride . . . until I fell with my bike and caused Mike (my husband who has never fallen with his bike) to fall. I keep replaying the sequence of events in my mind and to my dismay have realized that it was totally my fault, in every way. I can place no blame on Mike.

We were riding close together, talking, well . . . I was talking. I’m sure I was saying something very important and I began loosing my balance. I mean, like I was beginning to lean and realized I wasn’t recovering from it and there was Mike so I yelled and grabbed him. Word of advise – never grab another cyclist next to you, ever . . . 😦

Yep, we both went down, BIG!! Miraculously, first of all – no one saw us (pride talking here) and second, we left no skin behind on the pavement, none!!! We kept checking and no blood to be found. Unfortunately, my foot got stuck in my pedal as we went down and it got tweaked a bit. Yikes!!!!

Ok, at this point, I’m having flashbacks of when I broke my foot last March on a run and didn’t want to believe I was injured and would have to give up the half marathon I was training for. I was in tears, half from pain and shock of what just happened and part wondering how bad my foot was. We are both thankful we could get up quickly before any other riders or runners passed by us. Mike had to work on my bike a bit to make it rideable, while I was walking, hoping, and praying my foot was just a little tweaked, but nothing that would keep me from the half marathon coming up.

Once I realized nothing was broken and it was just tweaked a bit and swollen, I began thinking about my training runs this week. I thought I would try running Monday, but maybe not the 5 miles.

Well . . . I am thankful for my friends who speak truth to me even if I don’t want to hear it.

Bottom-line, I shouldn’t run until the swelling goes down. Yikes . . . I have so many training runs to do. How will I run the race? I was doing so well in my running and now this? What is wrong with me? How could this be happening, again? Am I just a klutz (maybe 🙂 )?

The cool thing about God is He knows me so well, better than I know myself. He gently reminds me He’s got it. I can rest in Him. He knows the beginning from the end. He knows my hearts desire. He knows I am a runner. He reminds me of what is really important – Him – and that I can trust Him in all things.

So . . . again, I look at my bracelet that says ‘persevere’.

I am doing all I can to make my ankle well – compressing, elevating, and icing. The rest is up to God, the healer. I will put my trust in Him, His timing for all things in my life.

Again, I’m reminded of this great race we run in life . . .

Everyone is called to a different race . . . no two are the same.

There can be sadness and tragedy along the paths of this race . . .

There are life experiences we will never understand this side of heaven . .

There is also much beauty, there is much love, there is much joy . . .

I’m again reminded of a great Saviour, who gave His all for me, because of His great love for me . . . And that is where I choose to rest.

I will, in His strength, be patient and trust, and persevere. .

I will run again . . .



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Okay, I pried myself off the couch to write/journal my 11 mile – longest run to date since my foot mishap!! Yes, the couch has become my bestest of friends after my runs, perfect spot to elevate foot and ice it.  Icing does wonders . . . 🙂

Today’s run was amazing . . . and overwhelming . . . and long . . . and all uphill for the first 5.5 miles . . . which means all downhill for the remaining 5.5 miles.  I had never run this particular trail before, called the Mosquito Trail in Placerville, 5.5 miles out, all uphill, turning from paved trail to dirt trail.

Actually, I have never run uphill for that distance . . . ever . . . ever . . .

I’m so thankful that Pam and Deborah were with me to share in that ‘special’ pleasure loooooooooong uphill journey!!

The day was perfect for running!! The clouds were beautiful!!

I must admit this was a push for me.  There were no breaks on the uphill run, no little flat areas or downhill moments – nope . . . just up and up.  But – when done together, fighting to get to the top together, all on the same journey at that moment together – you know you will get it done.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it back down.  I was overwhelmed at how slowly the miles were ticking by, or really NOT ticking away.

What joy when my GPS said 5.5 miles – we turned around and ran, and ran, and ran downhill – it felt so good!!

The miles were ticking away like I like to see them – actually faster than I usually see them tick . . .

We didn’t even know how fast we were going until we were done!! Yes, done!!! The whole 11 planned miles, done!! What a wonderful feeling that was and still is!!!

We ran faster than we ever had, we were smiling, and we were done!!

I am thankful for this amazing body that God has given us/me!!

I am thankful for amazing friends!!

I am thankful for a God who is always there . . . He never leaves me or forsakes me . . . . He is always faithful!!!


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