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This morning I was thinking about my post yesterday.  I was thinking about running.  I was thinking about the mile I get to run today.  As I was deep in thought (always a scary moment), the question in my mind was, “Do I live with my glass “half empty” or “half full” kind of attitude?”


“Is the glass half empty or half full? is a common expression, used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty); or as a general litmus test to simply determine an individual’s worldview. The purpose of the question is to demonstrate that the situation may be seen in different ways depending on one’s point of view and that there may be opportunity in the situation as well as trouble.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Is_the_glass_half_empty_or_half_full%3F


This past week I believe I had the mindset of “half empty” – reminding myself of what I couldn’t do and yearning for the past.  Instead of the mindset of “half full” – look what I can do, I get to do, I am able to do in this moment of this day . . . this is what I have been gifted with – today!!

I love this example!! Technically – the glass is always full!!

Thank you, Lord, for your wisdom, your guidance, your love . . . your joy!!

Philippians 4:4  “Always be full of joy in the Lord.  I say it again – rejoice!” 

That is a “half full” glass attitude!!!

Enjoy today, this gift from God  . . .




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I am truly loving this spring weather!

The brilliant greens of so many shades are outstanding!

The many flowers blooming right now with their varied colors, sizes, and shapes make me smile!

There is a story behind these two iris in our yard that bloomed this year.  It is amazing that they bloomed, as we planted about 25 different iris about 15 years ago. Yikes, it’s hard to believe that it has been that long.  They bloomed the first couple of years, but life went on and I didn’t water as much nor fertilize and care for the iris as I should.  There has never been a year where all 25 of them have bloomed, but at least a few bloomed.  It has been many years since any have bloomed.  What a surprise to see that two decided to bloom this year!! A gift!! 

There is a season for everything in this life we have been gifted with.

If I were to be completely honest, I must admit that these past couple of  weeks I have been struggling with discontentment over the fact that my foot isn’t feeling like I would like it to feel.  I’ve been complaining and grumbling in this season I find myself in. 

Why can’t I just walk this season out day by day and be thankful for this moment of this day?

Why do I keep looking back and longing for where I was strength-wise in my running?

Why does it bring such discontent and restlessness?

Why can’t I look forward and see the progress I am making and that I am no longer in a boot that doesn’t match my other shoe?

Why do I complain about the tennis shoes that I need to wear all the time because they feel the best on my feet? I should be thankful that I have two shoes that look the same.

Grumble . . . . grumble . . . .

Those beautiful iris that bloomed so unexpectedly are such a reminder of God, His beauty, His creation, His grace, His love . . .

The answer to all my why’s is really quite simple when I get my eyes fixed where they need to be – on Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Creator of all things.  He is all-knowing and all-sufficient.  He is the same and never changes.  He knows the beginning, the middle, and the end.  He can be trusted. 

I need to learn to rest in Him.  To take daily steps forward in His strength.  The race I run is a race with Him, for Him, and through Him.  Each day is a gift from Him.  Today, I choose to be thankful that I can run 1 mile.  I may not be able to walk much after that or bicycle much after that, but I ran 1 mile.  Next week, I will continue to run 1 mile and slowly add walking and biking in.  I will choose to be okay with that and thankful that I can do it.  Thankful that His creation is beautiful and my iris’ bloomed, in His timing.  It’s all about Him and His timing and my learning to rest in that timing.

Does anyone else struggle with resting in today?

He is faithful – He never lets me go!!


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I ran today . . .

I wasn’t planning on running today, although I did dress in workout clothes before I left the house :).  I just knew I would run one day this week for 1/2 mile, obeying doctor’s orders.  It was such a beautiful morning and as I drove past ‘my‘ running trail I thought, Yes, it’s only 1/2 mile.  I can do this before work, after I drop the boys off for school.”  I kept planning it out in my mind and couldn’t help myself!!!

I walked out 1/2 mile.  Much to my surpise, I got very teary-eyed returning to familiar ground – remembering the times I’ve spent running here, talking to God here, smiling and greeting people here.

It  was so beautiful – the blue sky, looking at the foliage all green and springy, so energizing . . .

It was like coming home to my comfy place, my challenging place, my quiet place, my alone time with God place. 🙂

Close to the 1/2 mile point 🙂

Top of this hill, where the trees are is 1/2 mile, my turn around and RUN TIME!!!  🙂

I can’t say it enought – It was so nice to be back out on the trail smiling, smiling, and more smiling!!

I got to greet others with a smile this morning!!

So many out today – enjoying this beautiful spring day!! What a joy!!

After I got past the bit of emotion – I smiled the whole way!!!

 I told myself if my foot starts to hurt in any way I would stop and walk. I couldn’t stop . . . I slowed down.  I purposefully kept my run slow.  I wanted to enjoy every moment of it and I wanted to be wise because my plan is to run and run for a long time.  Afterall – I am a runner!!!

I did not stop and walk that half mile!! My foot did hurt, but not where I expected it to, not where the break was.  It was my toes and ball of my foot, which I think is just from non-use – that’s what I told myself . . .

I will not run tomorrow, I will take a bicycle ride with Mike and enjoy that moment, too!!

So thankful today,

Patty 🙂

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Great News – I have been given the go ahead to start running!!! 

 I can start running 1/2 mile at a time next week and then the following two weeks I get to run 1 mile at a time.  It’s funny how perspective, again, changes everything.  Two months ago those distances would not have thrilled me.  I probably would have balked at the lack of distance and not enough for a ‘real’ run.  Today, however, I am thrilled!!!  Don’t tell the doctor, but I was excited this week when I ran across the parking lot and my foot didn’t hurt, which was before I saw him.  So next week I get to plan on running. Woo Hoo!!!

Looking back – has it really been almost 8 weeks since I broke that bone called the 5th metatarsal? It has and I’m smiling!! 🙂

I’m smiling because a number of things have transpired since that moment in my life –

– I learned more anatomy.

– I have a new awareness of those with injuries, crutches, boots, wheelchairs, etc

– I started a blog.

– I redirected my workouts to upper body.

– I am getting stronger in my goal of 100 consecutive pushups.

– Winter finally came – then spring – then winter – then spring . . . with a moment of summer thrown in there.  🙂

– I’ve been inspired by reading other’s blogs on exercising, running, life . . .

– I’ve been reminded again that God has a plan and it can be trusted and I rest in that!!

So . . . Happy Friday!! Enjoy the weather . . . Enjoy the weekend!!

Patty 🙂



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American River Parkway Half Marathon  –  What a beautiful day for a run!!!

The cool thing was even though I was unable to run what a pleasure it was to see all the energy around me. I felt like I got to participate in some small way by going with Emmi and another friend who ran, Ian. Jenna, my oldest daughter, came along to keep me company and cheer with me.  Woohoo!!! It is always fun to cheer runners on to the finish!!!!

Emmi, Ian, and Jenna

 Not sure what Emmi was thinking here 🙂

 It amazes me all the different sizes, shapes, and ages of the runners – all out getting exercise, getting stronger, and running 13.1 miles!! I love to see all the different styles of running attire. I think I may just need to get a running skirt!! There were people running the 5k and walking or running 13.1 miles. All out in the sunshine expending energy and getting energy from the event that so many participated in. Their energy gave me energy and made me want to run all the more. I didn’t!! I’m still a bit gimpy with my right foot, but slowly I can feel it getting a bit stronger each day. 🙂

Ian almost to the finish line!!

Emily followed on track with the time she was looking for!! 

I am looking forward to running again.  I am working on being patient, not something that comes easily for me.  I am looking forward to running a half marathon with a couple of friends, one who is amazingly strong and trusting in a great God as she fights cancer with treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.  She is my hero!! I’m looking forward to the day that we both can start training again to run, which we love to do!!! I also get to run the American River Parkway Half Marathon next year, can’t wait.

Loving this weather – Loving a Great God in the midst of life!!!! 

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