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I broke my foot on May 10, 2012 – one year ago.  I remember the deep feelings of despair as I realized I wouldn’t be able to run the first half marathon I had ever signed up for.

Much has transpired in this past year – a complete recovery of my foot and I ran my first half marathon – Urban Cow – the first weekend in October.

I continued to run after the half marathon wanting to keep up my mileage.  I started with 20 miles a week, to 25 miles a week, and the last couple of months 30ish miles a week.  I feel stronger as a runner and signed up for another half marathon – Parkway Half Marathon on May 4th of this year and plan on running the  – Four Bridges Half Marathon  – in October.

Finally, yes I did it – I signed up for my first marathon – CIM – in December!!!!

Now that’s a way to celebrate recovery and running and life!!!

I celebrated my year anniversary by getting these –


My new Brooks PureCadence running shoes.  I am over-the-top excited about these. 

I want to just run, run, run in them, but they are designed differently than my Brooks Adrenaline’s and I have been advised to start with shorter runs and gradually build up my mileage with them.

I love the color.  I love the feel – almost like slippers on my feet.  I’m looking forward to many runs with them.



Spring is in the air!! Everywhere I look I see flowers blooming, new leaves leafing out . . . it feels kind of weird because as beautiful as it is, I have found I really enjoy running in the cooler temps of winter and find myself mourning a bit for winter to leave and spring/summer to come.

Different seasons, as they begin, always seem to take time for me to adjust to.  Isn’t that the same with life . . . we walk through so many different seasons, some harder than others, taking time to adjust to each one.  But . . . there is a reason/need for each season and I’ve learned or am continually learning just to trust and rest in it with God’s help, to stop fighting and wishing for something different.

So . . .  it will be with the seasons of the year – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – I will learn to enjoy the season for what it is and stop fighting against it in my running adventures. 

Enjoy the seasons . . .

Patty 🙂


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