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Happy to be spending time with these shoes!!! 🙂

I am over-the-top excited to be able to say, “I ran four miles on Tuesday!!!!”  No walking – all running!!!

Due to the heat – which I love, but not to run in – I took the opportunity to run between work and my trip to the bank.

The first mile really never feels ‘happy’ to me.  It usually takes me about that long to get into moving, running, and breathing and it all coordinating together.  After that first mile, my running  seems to flow much better.

I had planned on only running three miles, but it was so nice being out and my foot felt great.  I was enjoying the coolness of the early morning and smiling at others getting out and moving.  I ran out two miles telling myself I could stop at three and walk the last one.  Knowing myself – I knew I would run the total four, but it helped knowing that I ‘could’ allow myself to stop, not likely, but I ‘could’ if I wanted to. 🙂

My legs were already tired from previous days of working them  so it was a bit of a push for me, but my foot felt fantastic!! No pain whatsoever.  What a joy to be out on a trail I love running and smiling and running and smiling!!!

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!!” Phil 4:13

I’m so thankful for this body of mine and a God who designed it so masterfully!!

Thank you, God, for healing my foot, for allowing me to run, for giving me such pleasure through running!!

So will my next run be five miles????

Trusting in a great God,




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