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The days are beginning to cool off, not quite enough for my running, but it is better.  I LOVE summer!!!!

This is the first summer I have been consistent in my running – not so good in the heat, hence my desire for fall and cooler temps.  I can’t believe I am actually looking forward to cold weather running!!! Please remind me of this statement in February, please!!

I try to run one longer weekly run usually between 10 and 14 miles.  These past couple of weeks my long runs were not under normal conditions for this time of year.  On Labor Day, I ran with my friend, Kari, around Lake Natoma in Folsom.  It was cloudy up where we lived and had been raining, but the weather reports looked promising for a great run.  Well . . . we got rained on, drenched actually.  It was such a refreshing run after so many warm sweaty runs this summer.  The temp was perfect for running in the rain!! Mike, my husband, not such a happy camper on his bike ride around the lake.  Biking in the rain does not equal the same amount of joy as running in the rain does!!! Sorry Mike . . . 😦

My run last weekend was around my favorite neighborhood lake – Sly Park Lake.  I feel so blessed that it is only 3 miles from my home.  Running that day wasn’t the best decision I have made, but at the moment it seemed like a good idea (maybe because Debora and I really wanted to run!!).  After running a couple of miles we could taste smoke in our mouths.  We ran slower and could feel the lack of oxygen in our bodies due to the smoke, although it really didn’t look as bad as the pictures while we were running.  We felt like we were running at a higher elevation, our legs felt heavy and it just took more exertion to move.



The first picture shows the side of the lake we ran first, taking a picture of the other side.  It really didn’t seem that bad, but when we got back to our starting point and looked back up the lake this is what we saw!! Yikes!! The smoke was just settling in.  No wonder we felt like we had no energy.  Hopefully . . . lesson learned. 🙂

Tomorrow, Saturday, I am looking forward to an early nice long run with no rain and no smoke!!

I know I have mentioned in earlier posts that I have been MAF training.  Training using my maximum aerobic heart rate and not going above that.  It has been slow going this summer in the heat, but I believe my pace has increased as my body as become more aerobically fit.  I am really looking forward to cooler weather to see how that affects my heart rate and pace.

I have also stopped eating anything before my early morning runs and only drinking water with NUUN (electrolytes) during my runs and feeling great.  Before a run, I  always  had to get up extra early to eat my eggs and oatmeal.  I had been reading about running without nutrition as I was doing my MAF training and decided to give it a try.  I am loving it.  I always take along  sport beans or a gel, something just in case I feel the need.  This shows me that my body is/has learned to use fat efficiently as a fuel.

My one question right now, I have 2 half-marathons and a marathon coming up and I will be running them faster and will need to fuel my body – I’m just not sure how.  As my long runs get longer I will be experimenting with fuel.  Do I eat before my run? Do I start without food? At what point do I use a fuel during my run? This is all very new to me and exciting.  I would love to hear from anyone who has done this before and what has worked for them.

I am thankful that I have been gifted with this amazing body that can run, that can be trained to be aerobically fit, that can fuel itself for a couple of hours all on its own!!!

Our bodies are a miracle!!! Thank you God for this gift!!

Patty 🙂




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